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Tag: How is Cognac Made?

Stage 12: Served

Ahh, Cognac served up in a glass or with a meal.  There are many many cocktails that can be made with Cognac and the...

Stage 02: Harvest

Harvest time in Cognac France is usually in September.  However in 2011 and some unusual years it begins in August.  The harvest time is...

What is Eaux-de-Vie, The “Water of Life?” It is The Essence of Cognac

The BNIC provides the following regarding distillation of eau-de-vie: "Alcohol is a product of the fermentation of sugars, found in its natural form in fruit...

Stage 06: Barrels & Jars

The barrels are a very important component in producing Cognac.  Cognac is often shifted between barrels to achieve proper characteristics.

Stage 03: Fermentation

Fermentation is a relatively short time in the production of Cognac.  It is a few important weeks compared to the multi-year time to age...

Stage 08: Blending

The Cellar Masters often blend up to 100 different eaux-de-vie to achieve the premium taste desired.  They assemble this into large wooden vats used...