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When Buying or Stealing Louis XIII Cognac Makes Headlines


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Louis XIII Cognac is among the priciest of all spirits

Thousands of bottles of liquor are bought every day from liquor stores, wine shops and other places that sell spirits. Sadly, large numbers of bottles of liquor are also stolen each day from these establishments. This is not news. When, however, the bottle of liquor that is purchased or stolen, is Cognac, it often makes headlines, especially if the Cognac is Louis XIII.

Louis XIII is a Grande Champagne Cognac that traces its origins back to 1874. It is a blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de vie aged for 40-100 years. The crafting process of Louis Xiii requires four generation of cellar masters care and attention. Louis Xiii cognac is packaged in an individually numbered, exquisite mouth blown fine crystal decanter.

As such Louis XIII is one of the most sought after, prized and expensive Cognacs.

Buying Louis XIII Cognac

The mere purchase of a bottle or two of Louis XIII can be a cause célèbre. Recently, a local Houston ABC news affiliate covered the story of a man arriving in a Rolls Royce at a Houston store and plunking down nearly $50,000 for two crystal decanters of Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6. This mere purchase captured the imagination of readers as they realized that just two bottles of Louis XIII cost more than most people make in a year!

Stealing Louis XIII Cognac

Due to its hefty price tag, the theft of a bottle of Louis XIII is grand larceny (theft of goods worth more than $1,200) and also makes the news. A recent theft of Louis XIII in Massachusetts created headlines.

Earlier this month, the Sun Chronicle reported that a bottle of Louis XIII was stolen from Chris Gasbarro’s Fine Wine & Spirits. The bottle was under lock and key in a glass case and monitored with a surveillance camera. The suspect is seen on the video footage picking the lock and walking off with the precious bottle during business hours when the store was open. The store is offering a $500 reward for the arrest of the suspect.

Cognac.com has a limited quantity of Louis XIII for sale.

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