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Park Cognac Borderies Review


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Park Borderies Cognac
Park Borderies Cognac

Cognac Park Borderies is made under the auspices of The Distillerie of Tessendier & Fils that was founded by Gaston Tessendier in 1862. The Distillerie Tessendier Estate is located on the banks of the Charente in Cognac, France. Tessendier and Fils now produces a collection of cognacs under the name ‘Cognacs Park’, that include Park V.S., Park Borderies, Park X.O. Cigar Blend, Park V.S.O.P., Park X.O. and Park X.O. Extra, Park Chai N°8 and Park Fin Bois Single Cru Organic Cognac.

Tessendier & Fils also produces Cognacs under the names Cognac Campagnere and Cognac Gran Breuil. Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, are the fourth generation of Tessendier Cellar Masters.

A Single Vineyard Cognac From Borderies

As the name suggests, Cognac Park Borderies is produced from eaux-de-vie from the Borderies appellation. Borderies is the smallest growing cru in the region (just 4,000 hectacres under vineyard cultivation) and one of the most sought after due to its limestone/chalky soil.

As such, not all Cognac Houses produce Cognac with eaux de vie from Borderies and fewer still produce single vineyard Borderies Cognacs. The House of Camus makes Camus Borderies V.S.O.P. Cognac and Camus Borderies XO Cognac. Martell Cordon Bleu is made predominately from eaux-de-vie from Borderies.

Cognacs crafted with Borderies eaux-de-vie have distinctive violet floral aroma that other Cognacs do not.

Map of Cognac France
Borderies is the smallest growing cru in the Cognac region.

The Cognac Park Borderies Review

We tasted Cognac Park Borderies straight in a brandy snifter. Here is our review.


Cognac Park Borderies is reasonably priced for a Cognac that blends rare Borderies eaux-de-vie with most of it aged far more than 10 years, like most X.O. designated Cognacs.

Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)

Age:This Cognac is aged 15 years first in young French Limosin oak barrels, and then again in older French Limosin barrels.

The Bottle/Label

Cognac Park Borderies is packaged in a traditional clear Cognaçaise style bottle. The label is an elegant light creme color with the Park Cognac emblem and the words on the center of the label that read “Cognac Park Cognac Borderies Appellation Cognac Borderies Contrôlée Single Vineyard”. A golden brown aluminum seal is wrapped around the upper neck and top of the bottle. (see above)

The Color

Medium apricot with copper hues.

The Nose (Nez)

Grape jam, orange zest, light spice, violet.

Mouth (En Bouche)

Citrus with vanilla notes and delicate butterscotch roundness.


Long crisp spicy finish.


Cognac Park Borderies has a freshness that belies its age, a characteristic of Borderies. The color is lighter than similarly aged Cognacs due in part to an apparent absence of caramel coloring. This Cognac is best described as delicate with a firm body. While we did not try it as a mixer, we believe it might make a fine complement to some of the citrus/champagne Cognac cocktails like the Sazerac, the Side Car and the French 75.


2011 WSWA Tasting Competition : Silver
2012/2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold Medal

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