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Hennessy Becomes The Official Spirit of the NBA


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Never Stop. Never Settle.

The world’s largest Cognac producer is making a bid for even greater market share in the United States. Sales of Hennessy V.S. in the United States account for about one half of overall sales.

Last week, Hennessy announced a multi-year partnership with the National Basketball Association.

The campaign aims to spread the NBA which is described as “a cultural force no whistle can stop.” In the teaser video, the narrator pronounces: “The court dimensions may be set but this game is ever expanding – the spirit of the NBA” and the visual concludes with a shot of a Hennessy V.S. bottle.

From the press release:

“We are pleased to be partnering with the NBA, a forward-thinking league that embodies our ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ mantra,” said Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President, Hennessy U.S. “There’s an energy pulsing through the NBA that compels it to evolve, to push the limits of its own potential. Our new collaborative journey is rooted in this joint passion and will explore the realms of legacy, culture and innovation.”

“Our partnership with Hennessy provides an exciting opportunity to reach and engage with a broader segment of basketball fans around the NBA’s marquee moments,” said Dan Rossomondo, NBA Senior Vice President, Media and Business Development. “As the iconic brand continues to expand its business in sports marketing, we look forward to creating elevated experiences and unique initiatives that celebrate the game of basketball.”

The Hennessy/NBA partnership is part of a larger Hennessy branding campaign – “Never Stop. Never Settle.” that also features “THE ORIGINAL WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE” – 19th century champion cyclist Marshall Taylor.

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