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Discover the Exquisite Collection of Park Cognac Products


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Cognac is a French spirit that has been celebrated for centuries for its luxurious taste and unique history. Park Cognac is a producer that represents the essence of the region’s expertise and savoir-faire, combining authenticity with a contemporary flair.

History and Process

The story of Park Cognac began in 1880 when the Tessendier family started distilling cognac in the heart of the Cognac region. Over the years, the family developed a reputation for crafting high-quality spirits, and in 1990, they launched the Park brand to showcase their unique and innovative approach to cognac-making.

Park Cognac is created using a traditional method known as “double distillation,” which involves distilling the wine twice to create a clear, high-proof spirit known as eau-de-vie. The eau-de-vie is then aged in French oak barrels to create the rich, smooth flavor that is characteristic of cognac.

The production process is a labor of love, and each step is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that only the finest spirits are used to create the Park Cognac range. The Tessendier family has a deep respect for the environment and uses sustainable practices, such as organic farming, to ensure that the quality of the cognac is not compromised.

One of Park Cognac’s most notable products is the Park Mizunara, which is aged in barrels made from rare Japanese oak. This gives the cognac a distinctive and highly sought-after flavor, with notes of honey, vanilla, and sandalwood. The Park Borderies is another standout product, made exclusively from grapes grown in the Borderies region of Cognac. This results in a cognac that is both floral and fruity, with a touch of spice.

The Park Vintage collection is also highly regarded, with each bottle containing eaux-de-vie from a single year. These cognacs are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and aged for decades, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile that reflects the unique character of the year in which they were produced.

In addition to its classic cognacs, Park also produces a number of innovative and experimental products, such as the Park XO Artisanal, which is aged for 25 years and finished in Sauternes casks. The result is a cognac with a unique and complex flavor profile, with notes of apricot, fig, and honey.

Overall, Park Cognac is a brand that is known for its quality, innovation, and commitment to traditional cognac-making techniques. With a range of unique and highly sought-after products, it is a brand that is sure to appeal to any cognac enthusiast or connoisseur.

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