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Dobbé Cognac: Ten Generations of Exceptional Cognac Production in Salignac-sur-Charente


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Dobbé cognac is a family-run business based in Salignac-sur-Charente, a charming village near Cognac in France. The Dobbé family has been producing exceptional cognacs for ten generations, starting from the acquisition of a few acres of vines by their ancestors around 1787. Over the years, the family has developed their vineyard estate, which covers 35 hectares of land, two thirds of which are located in the Petite Champagne area. Petite Champagne is one of the largest and most prestigious crus in Charente, known for producing exceptionally smooth eaux-de-vie.

The Dobbé family has a strong commitment to the land, and they take pride in passing down their authentic savoir-faire in producing prestigious eaux-de-vie from generation to generation. Today, the new generation of the family continues the family heritage, guided by the same love and passion for the land as their ancestors.

Michel Dobbé and his wife, who is a descendant of the founder, have managed to combine tradition and modernity to produce charming, high-quality Dobbé cognacs. The house of Dobbé is recognized for its strong values and dedication to producing premium cognacs.

The family’s vineyard estate is spread across the sun-drenched hills of Petite Champagne, where two-thirds of the land is located. This region is renowned for producing exceptionally smooth eaux-de-vie. The remaining third of the estate is situated in Dompierre in Fins bois, on the banks of the Charente. This area is bountiful, producing full-bodied, supple eaux-de-vie with a bouquet reminiscent of pressed grapes.

Dobbé cognacs are made using traditional methods, such as double distillation in copper stills, followed by long aging in oak barrels. This process gives their cognacs a unique flavor profile, with notes of vanilla, fruit, and spices.

In conclusion, the Dobbé family has been producing high-quality cognacs for over two centuries, guided by their strong values and commitment to the land. Their vineyard estate, spread across Petite Champagne and Fins bois, produces eaux-de-vie that are exceptionally smooth and full-bodied, making Dobbé cognacs a true delight for cognac connoisseurs.

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