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Louis Royer Cognac Joins the Mangrove UK Portfolio


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Louis Royer LogoLouis Royer has been producing Cognacs on the banks of the river Charente in the town of Jarnac, France for the past 150 years. Louis Royer produces Cognacs from all 6‘crus’ in Cognac, but its main focus for the UK market will be the VS, VSOP, XO and the 106 proof (53% ABV) ‘Force 53’.

The ‘bee’ emblem that features on every bottle and forms part of the company logo has been at the center of the identity of Louis Royer cognac since the beginning. Louis is said to have chosen it as an emblem as it represents the values of the house, that of diligence, efficiency and craftsmanship.

Nick Gillett, Head of Mangrove adds: ‘Louis Royer is the perfect addition to the Mangrove portfolio. Five generations of family experience and skill have contributed to the success of Louis Royer Cognac in France, and I look forward to working with Thibault and his team to further this success in the UK market’.

Thibault Mauxion, Regional Manager for Louis Royer, Europe says: ‘We are delighted to have secured a place within the Mangrove portfolio. Mangrove’s knowledgeable team and its hand-selling approach are the perfect fit for Louis Royer, mirroring the time and craft that we put into creating each of our Cognacs’.

Tasting Notes Louis Royer VS – delicious aromas of fresh grape and pear are combined with hints of liquorice and a delicate woody note

Louis Royer VSOP – obvious hints of peachy freshness, crisp blackcurrants, ripe raisins and figs and soft almond notes. The hints of cocoa are less assertive than in the oldest Cognacs in the Louis Royer range, but it is still present. Subtle vanilla and woody notes, the result of time spent in oak barrels are found on the finish.

Louis Royer XO – Strong aromas of crystallized orange, sun-dried apricots, blackberries, blueberries and rich lychee are followed by the delicate perfumes of acacia, mellow lilac and honeysuckle notes. These are joined on the palate by chocolate, toffee and vanilla notes and to conclude, mild ‘cigar box’ tobacco notes and a lingering ‘rancio’ from Charente.

Louis Royer Force 53– This Cognac offers heady concentrations in new proportions, notes of acacia, citrus fruits, pear, gooseberry, green tea, almond and nutmeg are all present on the nose and on the palate.

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