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2016 Big Four Cognac House Sales


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Cognac Sales in 2016

According to the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), Cognac sales rose to a record approximately 179.1 million bottles in 2016, a 6.0% increase in volume from 2015. The record cognac sales in 2016 accounted for 30% of all European Unions spirits exported in 2016.

Sales at the big four Cognac Houses, Hennessy, Martel, Rémy Martin and Courvoisier accounted for approximately half of all cognac sales in 2016.

Here is a chart showing the top selling cognac brands in 2016:

Top four cognac house sales 2013 -2016 cognac.com
Cognac sales hit a record in 2016, led by sales at the Big Four Cognac Houses.

Estimated sales numbers from the Cognac House annual reports and the Spirits Business.


Hennessy had a strong year in 2016 selling approximately 47 million one liter bottles of Cognac. Hennessy’s performance was led by sales of Hennessy Very Special (V.S.) Cognac. Hennessy V.S. sales have grown 15-20% over the past three years driven primarily by about 30% growth in the United States. Hennessy V.S. sales account for well over 80% of Hennessy cognac sales in the United States. It is the strong sales of Hennessy V.S. that led the company earlier this year to warn of a potential shortage of it V.S. product later in 2017.

In addition to Hennessy V.S., Hennessy produces a wide range of cognac, including, Hennessy VSOP Privilege, Hennessy XO, Hennessy Paradis, Hennessy Paradis Imperial and Richard Hennessy . Hennessy also often produces limited edition cognacs from time to time.

Learn more about the House of Hennessy by clicking here.


Martell sold approximately 19 million one liter bottles of Cognac in 2016.

Martell’s range of cognacs includes its traditional VS , Caractère, VSOP Medallion, Martell Assemblage Exclusif de 3 Millesimes, XO Cordon Blue created by Edouard Martell in 1912 with eaux-de-vie from the Petit Champagne, Grande Champagne and Borderies appellations, Martell XO, Creation Grande Extra and L’OR de Jean Martell, crafted from over 400 eaux- de-vie (some over 100 years old!)

Learn more about the House of Martell by clicking here.

Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin sold approximately 18 million one liter bottles of Cognac in 2016.

Rémy Martin focuses on selling high end Petit, Fine and Grande Champagne Cognacs. Rémy Martin’s range of Cognacs include Rémy VS (made from 100% Petit Champagne eaux-de-vie) V.S.O.P. Fine Champagne Cognac (in the famous green frosted bottle) , VSOP Mature Cask Finish, Cour de Cognac, 1738 Accord Royal, Rémy Martin XO Excellence, Centaure de Diamant and Louis XIII.

Learn more about the House of Rémy Martin by clicking here.


Courvoisier sold approximately 12 million one liter bottles of Cognac in 2016.

Courvoisier produces a wide range of cognacs including, Courvoisier V.S.. Courvoisier V.S.O.P. (from eaux-de-vie from Petite and Grande Champagne), Courvoisier XO (from 11-25 year old eaux-de-vie) Courvoisier Triple Oak VSOP, Courvoisier VSOP. Exclusif (crafted specifically to be used as a mixer for cocktails), Courvoisier Napoleon Fine Champagne, Courvoisier 12 Year Old, Courvoisier 21 Year Old, Courvoisier Initiale Extra (from 30-50 year old eaux-de-vie from Borderies and Grande Champagne), Courvoisier Succession J.S., L’Essence de Courvoisier (from eaux-de-vie over 100 years old)

Learn more about the House of Courvoisier by clicking here.

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