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Cognac Frapin

Cognac Frapin Entrance

The Rich History of Cognac Frapin and Its Two Unique Cellars

Cognac Frapin, is a renowned name in the world of fine spirits. It has a rich and storied history that spans over 750 years. Established in 1270 in the South-West of France, the Frapin family has been dedicated to the art of producing exceptional cognac for 21 generations. This family-owned estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France, is known for its commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation. One of...
Monsieur Patrice Piveteau, Frapin Cognac Cellar Master & Deputy Director General

The Master Blender: The Art and Science Behind Cognac Production

Cognac is a world-renowned spirit known for its rich history and exquisite taste. But what makes this drink so special? The answer lies in the hands of the Master Blender, an integral component of the cognac production process. Let's examine the role of the Master Blender and how they contribute to the creation of this exceptional spirit. What is a Master Blender?A Master Blender is an expert in the art and science of blending different...

Spotlight on Frapin Cognac

Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, Courvoisier - these are names that you hear when people with passing knowledge of Cognac and even Cognac connoisseurs might mention often when discussing the amber spirit. These brands constitute the vast majority of Cognac production and sales. Their market dominance is well-deserved as each brand has a quality range of Cognacs in each aging designation Frapin Cognac may not have the same market profile as the big four, but...

Video: Frapin Cognac Cellar Master, Patrice Piveteau, Discusses the Frapin Process

Cognac.com was provided an exclusive and rare opportunity to interview Monsieur Patrice Piveteau, Frapin Cognac Cellar Master & Deputy Director General in his blending office.  He discusses the Frapin process and provides a rare tour of the Frapin Cellars. Mr. Priveteau's passion is revealed and his care in crafting fine Cognac is evident.  This was a very special moment from our visit to Cognac. http://youtu.be/NiGJXtza4SM
Frapin Millésime 1990

Cognac Frapin’s 30-Year-Old Millésime 1990: An Unparalleled Elixir

Cognac enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide have reason to rejoice as Cognac Frapin, a renowned Maison with a rich heritage in producing exceptional spirits, unveils its latest gem – the 30-year-old Millésime 1990 cognac. With a legacy spanning over three centuries, Cognac Frapin continues to set new standards of excellence in the art of cognac production. This highly anticipated release is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, tradition, and the pursuit of perfection. A Glimpse...
Frapin House

Frapin Cognac: Passion and Precision in Grande Champagne

For over 20 generations, the Frapin family has been crafting exceptional cognacs with passion and savoir-faire. The family's history dates back to 1270, when the first ancestor settled in the South-West of France. Since then, the Frapin family has continued to produce cognacs that embody the unique terroir of the Grande Champagne region. Today, Frapin Cognac is recognized as one of the most prestigious cognac houses in the world. Their award-winning cognacs are known for...

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