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BNIC Offers Cognac Master Classes in the U.S this Summer


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The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) is offering master classes in the United States this summer as part of its “Experience Cognac” Series across the United States. The Experience Cognac series was launched by the BNIC on June 19 in New York. Between now and September there are scheduled classes in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Kansas City.

The first event in New York was a success and was attended by 28 professionals ranging from bartenders, wine merchants, distributors and importers, who took part in a four hour guided seminar delivered by Ms. Franky Marshall, mixologist and Cognac educator. Ms. Marshall introduced attendees to the process of cognac making and the craft involved. After the lecture, the education continued as participants tasted 11 different cognacs and were encouraged to focus on the aromas and flavors of the cognacs. The cognacs were tasted straight and the group also experimented with tasting the cognacs in cognac-based cocktails

The BNIC noted that feed back for the Experience Cognac master class in New York drew rave reviews citing two participants’ reflections on the event:

“Absolutely incredible, concise and educational. Definitely want more. ”

” Already ordered some new cognac’s during the event. ”

In early July, the BNIC hosted four English bartenders from London and two German bartenders from Cologne in the Cognac region. The bartenders visited the Cognac vineyards, the cooperages and the Cognac Houses to learn more about how Cognac is made.

Later in July, the BNIC attended the “Tales of the Cocktail” festival in New Orleans that was attended by over 25,000 bartenders. The BNIC offered two 45 minute seminars “The Patient Spirit: Time’s Effect on Cognac, that included cognac tastings. The BNIC also hosted a dinner at Compère Lapin, a Caribean restaurant in New Orleans’ warehouse district where Mixologists Kellie Thorn, Erick Castro and Chris Patin displayed their virtuosity by serving “tropical-inspired” cognac cocktails prepared especially to be paired with a four-course Caribean style dinner.

The BNIC focuses on educating bartenders on the wonders of cognac in the hopes that they introduce their clientele to cognac. In this manner, they create a cadre of cognac ambassadors that spread the word about cognac while serving up the amber liquid straight or in their cocktail creations.

About the BNIC: It is a trade association, founded in 1946 representing growers, producers, and merchants from the Cognac Appellation region. To learn more visit http://www.cognac.fr/cognac/

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