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Cognac Bertrand


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Cognac Bertrand is a name that has been synonymous with the art of crafting quality cognac for three centuries. Since 1731, the Bertrand family has passed down the art of cultivating vines and crafting cognac from generation to generation. Situated in the heart of Petite Fine Champagne, one of the two premier growing regions of cognac, the family’s respect for traditions of the past is reflected in the nature and authenticity of their cognacs.

Cognac Bertrand’s trademark, the Windmill of Bel’Air, is the last of the town of Reaux and is surrounded by the vines. It symbolizes the producer’s history, heritage, and the quality of their cognacs.

The vines at Cognac Bertrand are located in 82 hectares of vineyards extended over a landscape with abundant limestone, which regulates water and protects the vines from drought. The principal grape crops are Ugni Blanc, followed by Colombard. The high limestone content on the hill of Fief Monte and the Bel’Air windmill ensures a limited production from the vines, but of superior quality.

Cognac Bertrand is a proud member of the Independent Vintners association, which upholds the mark of quality as the authentic signature of a Charentais vintner who respects the land, produces and distills their wine on site, and commercializes their own production with passion.

The family continues to follow traditional and ancestral methods in their cellars where the eau-de-vie ages for many years in French Limousin oak casks. These methods allow the cognacs to develop unique flavors and aromas that are truly exceptional.

At Cognac Bertrand, the family works together to craft cognacs that are unique, elegant, and refined. Each member brings their own expertise and knowledge to the production process, ensuring that each bottle of Cognac Bertrand is of the highest quality.

The Bertrand family takes great pride in their heritage and in their commitment to producing cognacs that are not only of superior quality but also true representations of the Petite Fine Champagne terroir. From the cultivation of the vines to the distillation process, the family’s attention to detail is second to none.

Cognac Bertrand is a family-owned and operated business that has been crafting quality cognacs for over 300 years. Their respect for tradition, commitment to quality, and unique terroir have allowed them to produce cognacs that are truly exceptional. With the Windmill of Bel’Air as their trademark, Cognac Bertrand stands as a symbol of the family’s history and heritage, and a testament to their commitment to producing the finest cognacs.

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