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Cognac Festival 2017


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Planning a Trip to the Cognac Festival

It’s never too early to plan a trip to Cognac, especially if you’d like to attend the annual Fete du Cognac.

What is the Cognac Festival?

The organizers, of the festival, The Cognac Association of Young Farmers describe it as:

“three days of celebration, concerts, cocktails, cognac, and Charentais food”


For three days, festival goers can taste authentic Charentaise products including local melons, oysters, mussels, cagouilles, meat, ham, french fries, goat and cow cheeses all served on the banks of the Charente. The food is prepared in the style of the Charente region.


Vin de Pays Charentais as well as Pineau des Charentes are served, and of course Cognac is available!

Food and drinks are purchased via tokens obtained in advance at the festival. (see update on pricing for the 2017 festival)


Each night during the festival, attendees are treated to two sets of concerts.

Where is the Cognac Festival?

The Cognac Festival takes place on the banks of the Charente River at the Quai de la Salle Verte – 16100 Cognac, France.

When is the Cognac Festival?

The festival will be held this year on July 27-29, 2017.

How do I get there?

Foreign visitors to Cognac who arrive by air generally begin the French leg of their journey to Cognac in either Paris or Bordeaux. Cognac is approximately 250 miles (400km) south of Paris. It is about a four and half hour car or train ride from Paris to Cognac.

Bordeaux is about 60 miles (100 m) to the south from Cognac and can be reached in about an hour and a half by train or car.

There are flights from Paris to Bordeaux, but after transfers/connecting flights and the ground journey from Bordeaux to Cognac, the journey from Paris to Cognac will take longer than simply driving or taking the train from Paris.

Where do I stay?

The festival organizers suggest a limited number of local accommodations. Cognac and the region have a wide variety of hotels and vacation rentals to select from.

For more information about the Cognac Festival, including ticket prices visit: http://www.lafeteducognac.fr/

Here is a peek at the 2016 Cognac Festival:

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