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Delamain Cognac: A Family Heritage of Crafting Premium Cognacs


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For over two centuries, the Delamain family has been committed to producing some of the finest cognacs in the world. Their devotion to the craft, the terroir, and the tradition of the region is what sets their spirits apart.

It all began in 1759 when James Delamain returned from Ireland to establish a partnership with his father-in-law, Jean-Isaac Ranson. Ranson owned an exporting firm with roots that dated back to the beginning of the Cognac region, and together they set out to create a house of cognac that would reflect the purest expression of the terroir.

Today, the House of Delamain is still family-owned, with direct descendants of the founder Patrick Peyrelonque and his cousin Charles Braastad at the helm. They are proud to continue the traditions and values of their ancestors, ensuring that every bottle of Delamain Cognac represents the highest quality and purity.

The Delamain family is deeply committed to the original nature of the old Houses of Cognac. They select and purchase their eaux-de-vie directly from distillers and vineyard owners in the region, with whom they have long-standing relationships built on mutual trust and confidence. This allows them to maintain the highest level of control over the quality of the grapes and the distillation process, resulting in cognacs that are a true reflection of the terroir.

The Delamain objective is simple: to remain faithful to its tradition and offer cognacs of the very purest and most genuine expression. They are passionate about maintaining the heritage and craft of their family, and their commitment is reflected in every bottle of their premium cognac.

From their VS to their XO, each bottle of Delamain Cognac represents a history of tradition, passion, and expertise. It’s a taste that’s been over two centuries in the making, and one that is sure to delight any cognac enthusiast.

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