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Memory: Cognac Sales Hit Record in 2016


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Cognac Sales Volume and Value Growth Driven by Exports to the United States and North America

According to the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), Cognac sales rose to record levels in 2016. Sales of Cognac were up 6.0% in volume and 6.8% in value from 2015. Approximately 179.1 million bottles of cognac were sold in 2016.

Cognac Sales by Geography in 2016 vs 2015

  • North America* – 77.3 million bottles (+14.2% in volume; +14.3% in value)
  • Far East – 51.1 million bottles (1% in volume; +3% in value)
  • Europe – 39.4 million bottles (-1.2% in volume; -1.0% in value)
  • Rest of World – 11.3 million bottles (+5.4% in volume; +5.1 in value)

Cognac Sales By Type in 2016 vs 2015

  • Very Special (VS) +9.6 in volume; +13.0% in value. Cognac rated VS was approximately half of all cognac shipments.
  • Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP) + 0.4% in volume; +0.3 in value. Cognac rates VSOP was approximately 40% of all cognac shipments.
  • Extra Old (XO) +11.7% in volume; + 8.3%

Cognac sales numbers: BNIC

The BNIC noted that the record cognac sales in 2016 accounted for more than 20% of total French exports of wine and spirits.

* The United States accounted for 74.1 million of the bottles of cognac sold in North America in 2016.

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