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“Cognac Tasting Tour” – DMC & Inbound Travel Agency


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Here is a Tour company that may be able to help you with your arrangements when visiting Cognac France.  The appear to arrange cooking classes too in addition to tastings, and special packages, etc.

From their websitehttp://www.cognac-tasting-tour.com/

The office of Cognac Tasting Tour are located at Saint Preuil in Grande Champagne, the heart of the most prestigious vineyards of cognac, in a luxury Mansion, Le Relais de Saint Preuil.

The ambition of Cognac Tasting Tour is : - To show that cognac is not only a luxury spirit but also a key to access a land extraordinary rich of passions and traditions where people who live there warmly welcome visitors. - To make sure that our visitors  will spend unforgettable moments, and that their tailor made tour is a meaningful experience marked with privacy and calm. - To help companies to suit their business needs with incentive travels, seminars or training sessions marked with leisure and discovery of the vineyards of Cognac.

Our key-words : original, authentic and adaptable tours.

Our know-how :
● tours for groups limited to 15 people on a duration from 1 to 6 days.
● tours and “à la carte” self drive packages : from elaboration of a journey for individuals or groups to a full organization with escorts and guides.
● Week ends and workshops set up to discover history, gastronomy and products of the vineyards of cognac : spirits, wines, vinegar…

Now choose the formula that suits your expectations and be tempted by a land never out of fashion and away from the beaten tracks.

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