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Memory: Cognac Unveils Plans for Spectacular New Headquarters: A Landscaped Campus Reflecting Brand Heritage and Innovation


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Cognac Unveils the Architectural Project for Its Future Headquarters: A Landscaped Campus Emblematic of an Internationally Renowned Spirit. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel Du Cognac (BNIC) has announced the facility will open in 2025.

Cognac, the world-famous French brandy, has recently revealed its plans for a new headquarters that are sure to catch the attention of the world. The new campus will be a tribute to the unique culture and history of Cognac, and will serve as a symbol of the brand’s global influence and success. The new headquarters will be located in the heart of the Cognac region, in a space that has been specially designed to reflect the brand’s values and heritage. The site is set to feature a series of buildings that are inspired by the traditional architecture of the region, with modern elements that represent the brand’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to business.

The project was designed by the world-renowned architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and his team. Wilmotte is known for his expertise in combining traditional and modern design elements, and his work has been celebrated around the world. He has been commissioned to design many iconic buildings, including the Musée du Louvre in Lens, the headquarters of LVMH in Paris, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Marrakech. The new campus will be spread out over 25 hectares of landscaped grounds, and will include a range of facilities that are designed to provide a comfortable and inspiring working environment for Cognac’s employees. These facilities will include offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, tasting rooms, and a visitor center.

One of the key features of the new headquarters will be the central building, which will be shaped like a barrel. This building will house the company’s administrative offices, and will be surrounded by a reflecting pool that will provide a stunning backdrop for the surrounding landscape. The barrel-shaped building will be clad in wood, which is a nod to the barrels that are used to age Cognac. The visitor center will be a highlight of the new campus, and will provide visitors with an immersive experience that celebrates the history and culture of Cognac. The center will include interactive exhibits, tasting rooms, and a gift shop where visitors can purchase Cognac-related products.

BNIC Cognac Headquarters
BNIC Cognac Headquarters

The new headquarters will also include a vineyard, which will serve as a living laboratory for the brand’s research and development efforts. The vineyard will be used to test new varieties of grapes, as well as new growing techniques and technologies.

The Cognac brand is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and refinement, and the new headquarters will be no exception. The campus will be designed to reflect the brand’s values and to provide a welcoming and inspiring environment for its employees and visitors. The project is set to be completed in the next few years, and when it is finished, it will be one of the most impressive corporate campuses in the world. The new headquarters will be a testament to the brand’s global success and influence, and will serve as a source of inspiration for the many people who love and appreciate Cognac.

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