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Virtual Cognac From Rémy Martin


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Learning About Cognac Through Holograms

The House of Rémy Martin has introduced an innovative way to learn about how they specialize in crafting Fine Champagne Cognacs. Rémy Martin enlisted Kazendi, a HoloLens development studio to help it tell its story through HoloLens.

What is HoloLens?

HoloLens is a Microsoft invention that allows the user to interact with holograms by wearing a light helmet with a special set of eye wear.

Here is a demonstration of HoloLens Mixed Reality:

The Rémy Martin Rooted in Experience HoloLens Experience

Rémy Martin announced late last week the world première of its Hololens program “Rooted in Exception Experience” in Los Angeles. The company plans to employ the program in stores and events world-wide.

Rooted in Exception Experience mixes the virtual and the real as it describes where Rémy Martin’s cognacs get their special character – from the chalky vineyards of Petit and Grand Champagne. The program is narrated by Rémy Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau who explains the importance of terroir in making cognac and includes a holographic demonstration of how the grapevines grow above and below the ground.

Here is a sneak peak at Rémy Martin’s “Rooted In Exception’ Experience” via HoloLens

For details on Rémy Martin tours click here.

The Rémy Martin House
20, Rue de la Société Vinicole – 16100 COGNAC
Tél: + 33 (0)5 45 35 76 66
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.visitesremymartin.com/

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