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Experience the Natural Beauty of Hennessy Paradis with Alicia Keys and Lang Lang


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Hennessy Paradis cognac, crafted by Master Blender Maurice Fillioux in 1979, is renowned for its elegant and silky style. Its infinitely nuanced and harmonious blend is presented in a signature Paradis decanter designed by Ferrucio Laviani. To celebrate this stunning design, Hennessy launched a memorable campaign.

The film for the Hennessy Paradis campaign was shot in the sweeping American West desert, featuring Alicia Keys – the first female brand ambassador, and Lang Lang – one of the world’s most influential figures in classical music. Amidst the dreamlike desert landscape, the two showcase a moving harmony of diverse styles and cultures. The majestic imagery and an original poem elevate the natural beauty of Hennessy Paradis cognac.

The Hennessy Paradis campaign takes the brand back to its inspirational musical roots. Symphony lover Maurice Fillioux, who created the unique cognac, believed classical music had the power to transport and connect with emotions. Like a conductor orchestrating his instruments, he blended the rare eaux-de-vie from the legendary Hennessy Cellar. Decades later, music still resonates with Hennessy Paradis cognac.

“My idea of bliss is to play music amidst the beauty of nature, the Grand Canyon is the ultimate paradise.” — Lang Lang

“It’s so cool to be able to play together for what it represents. We grew up on different sides of the planet, but we were able to come together and understand each other through harmony, music, passion, and bliss, to create the feeling of “Paradis on Earth.” – Alicia Keys

In an epicurean ode, Alicia Keys and Lang Lang put on an exceptional performance around a poem written by the singer herself:

Aren’t we all chasing bliss?
A paradise of such majestic beauty
no words can fully speak
A mixture of Wonder and blessing
So profound that even sound can’t contain its notes
If time could be suspended in a moment of clarity
We would see that Paradise lives within
A sunrise and sunset of endless dusks and
A river of dawns
Sailing on
Paradis is on earth

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