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Hardy Announces Art Nouveau Bottle For its Noces D’Or Cognac


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The House of Hardy is known for its elegant cognacs and its elaborate Prestige collection bottle designs. The House of Hardy’s Prestige collection of cognacs are aged more than thirty years. These cognacs include Noces D’ Argent, Noces d’ Or, Noces De Perle, Noces De Diamant and Noces D’Albatre.

Hardy’s Noces D’Or cognac is being repackaged into a sleek art nouveau style bottle with a hand etched glass plaque adorning the front. The plaque features the Hardy Family coat of arms and the famous Hardy rooster. Noces D’Or is a Grande Champagne Cognac made from eaux-de-vie thirty, fifty, sixty years and more.

Bevnet reported A. Hardy USA president Mark Levinson’s remarks on the repackaging: “Noces D’Or Sublime cognac’s bold packaging and exceptional flavor distinguishes it from other cognacs in this category. Though quantities are very limited, we are adding it to our distribution network throughout the U.S.”

Learn more about the House of Hardy.

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