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Luxury Guest House Le Relais de Saint Preuil Offers Cognac Travelers A Beautiful Setting Off The Beaten Path


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Traveling to Cognac France?  Like to find luxurious accommodations in a rustic rural setting just out of reach of the busy city?  Tire of the same cookie cutter hotel style and looking for a truly French experience?

Investigate Le Relais de Saint Preuil where you surround yourself with vineyards in a most beautiful setting.   Le Relais de Saint Preuil also has the ability to host business meetings if your group is looking for a destination to conduct business but remain in a private setting.  And of course internet access is available.

Their grounds are worthy of examination.  The pool is lovely and they have an exercise room and elegant dining room.  Each guest room has a rural rustic feel but all the comforts needed.

A trip to their website will give you the overview, information, and details you need before you book your reservation.  Also included is a short video that provides some excellent photographs of the facility.   Their website can be found here:

TripAdvisor has just announced that Le Relais de Saint Preuil was awarded a Certificate of Excellence as well.  How can you go wrong?

Le Relais de Saint Preuil


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