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Summer Festivals in Cognac


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Cognac Festivals – 2019

Summer is a grand time to be in Cognac. Not only are most of the Cognac Houses offering guided tours, but the festival season is in full swing. The Cognac festival organizers work year round preparing each summer’s annual festivals.

As the festival dates approach, the performance schedules and preparations are being finalized.

Here are details on the upcoming 2019 Cognac Festivals.

Cognac Blues Passions

July 4-8

The Cognac Blues Passion Festival is an annual gathering in the seventeen acre Cognac public gardens. Over a dozen music artists will perform during the four nights of the festival. The festival has been an annual event since 1994.

The updated roster of performers can be found here.

Click here for information on arriving at the festival and here for food and loging information.

Here is the official 2019 Cognac Blues Passion teaser video:

For more information on the Cognac Blues Passion Festival visit http://www.bluespassions.com/

Cognac Festival

July 25-27

The Cognac Festival is three days of celebration, concerts, cocktails, cognac, and Charentais food. Festival goers purchase tickets that allow them to taste local melons, oysters, mussels, cagouilles, meats and cheeses. Seven bars serve Charentais wines, Pineau des Charente, and of course Cognac.

In the evening there is music at the Cognac Festival.

Click here to see a list of the 2017 Cognac Festival Performers

Click here to see accommodations for festival goers.

More information on the Cognac Festival: https://lafeteducognac.fr/

Coup de Chauffe, Festival des Arts De La Rue

September 7-8

Coup de Chauffe, Festival des Arts De La Rue is an annual free wheeling art festival that features acrobats, puppeteers, dancers, choreographers, comedians, actors, and actresses and other street performers vying for attention in the public meeting places in Cognac. Many of the acts involve viewer/audience participation, lending a festive community atmosphere to the event.

Last year’s festival attracted between three and four thousand festival goers.

Click here to see the 2019 festival program. Check back as more events will be added as the festival dates approach.

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