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Bache Gabrielsen Classic Cognacs

Video: Bache Gabrielsen Cognac Provides Exclusive Tour & Interview to Cognac.com

Mirielle Chopin-Pascaud of Bache Gabrielsen provided Cognac.com with an exclusive tour and discussion about their various Cognac brands, their history, and their process.  She discusses how they work in partnership with the BNIC to ensure the highest quality of their Cognac.  She provides and exclusive view and discussion of their Paradis as well as the entire aging process.   Bache Gabrielsen is a very large distributor of Cognac to Norway giving their founding families ties...

A Beer Made With Cognac?

Cognac Beer! The House of Bache-Gabrielsen has a history of innovation. In the 1916, Bache-Gabrielsen evaded Norwegian alcohol prohibition by marketing their cognac as "medicine" that could be sold at pharmacies with a prescription. The company released new packaging for their VS cognac replacing the three stars on the label with three crosses, to symbolize the fighting of disease. The "tre kors" cognac is still the company's best-selling cognac. Over a century later, Bache-Gabrielsen created the...
Bache-Gabrielsen American Oak Aged Cognac

Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac

The Cognac house of Bache-Gabrielsen was founded by Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen from Holmestrand Norway in 1905. Several generations later the business is still owned and run by the Bache-Gabrielsen family.  It is now being run by Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen’s great-grandson Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, who recently took over the day-to-day management from his father, Christian Bache-Gabrielsen. The company website details this interesting “fairy tale”… Young Second Lieutenant Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, went to Cognac in search of fame and fortune.  Thomas’s...

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