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A Beer Made With Cognac?


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Cognac Beer!

The House of Bache-Gabrielsen has a history of innovation. In the 1916, Bache-Gabrielsen evaded Norwegian alcohol prohibition by marketing their cognac as “medicine” that could be sold at pharmacies with a prescription. The company released new packaging for their VS cognac replacing the three stars on the label with three crosses, to symbolize the fighting of disease. The “tre kors” cognac is still the company’s best-selling cognac.

Over a century later, Bache-Gabrielsen created the first cognac to be aged in American Oak.

Bache-Gabrielsen’s latest invention is a partnership with a Norwegian brewery, Aass Bryggeris Pilot Brewery, that has crafted an English style barley wine beer (13.6% alcohol!) aged in French Limosin oak barrels that were once used to age Bache-Gabrielsen cognac. The barley wine was aged for months in the cognac barrels and further aged in storage tanks and released in a limited quantity of 1,600 bottles this month.

The cognac accented barley wine is expected to age well in the bottle for years.

To learn about Bryggerhuset Pilotbryggeri Cognac barrel-aged barley wine, visit:

cognac bache gabrielsen
Can you age beer in here? Cognac barrels like this one from Bache-Gabrielsen were used to age a Norwegian brewery’s barley wine.

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