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LOUIS XIII Cognac Miniature

LOUIS XIII Miniature – The Perfect Gift

Often described as the ultimate cognac experience, LOUIS XIII Cognac is considered to be the Holy Grail of cognac, desired for its opulence and classic crystal decanter packaging. For many cognac aficionados, the LOUIS XIII experience had been out of reach as the price of a 750 ml crystal decanter of this cognac perfection sells for around $3,500 - $4,000. A Taste of LOUIS XIII via Louis XIII Miniature In early 2016, Rémy Martin, the...
Louis XIII Cognac

The Story of LOUIS XIII Cognac: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and History

Cognac is a spirit with a rich history and legacy, and few names are as synonymous with luxury and prestige as LOUIS XIII. This renowned brand has been celebrated for over a century as the epitome of exceptional cognac, crafted with time-honored techniques and a passion for perfection. The history of LOUIS XIII begins with the foundation of the House of Remy Martin in 1724, and it took over a century for the brand's namesake...
LOUIS XIII - Perfection

Discover The Eternal Life of LOUIS XIII Cognac: The INFINITY EXPERIENCE Tour

Rémy Martin's LOUIS XIII THE INFINITY WHEEL - THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE tour is a celebration of the unique and irreplaceable artisanship behind each LOUIS XIII decanter. Every decanter is handcrafted by crystal Masters and reflects the heritage, terroir, and wisdom embodied by the LOUIS XIII Cognac it contains. The INFINITY EXPERIENCE is the latest visionary step by LOUIS XIII to shape a legacy that will live forever. By bringing their decanter back into a...

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