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Memory: Highest Priced Cognac in the World Goes on Sale by the Decanter


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Two years ago in January 2017, we reported in A Taste of the World’s Most Expensive Cognac that a shot (40 milliliters -about 1.3 ounces) of Cognac Croizet Cuvée Leonie 1858 was served at The Hong Kong InterContinental for about $8,800 making it according to the Guinness Book of Records the “Most Expensive Shot of Cognac.”

In March of 2018, we reported in Cognac Sets New Record For the World’s Most Expensive Shot, that most expensive shot of Cognac just got more expensive. We noted that a shot of Rome de Bellegarde from the Cognac House Jean Filloux was sold to a patron for £10,014 at Hyde Kensington bar in London. At the then current U.K. pound/U.S. Dollar Exchange rate that came to $14,154.79 or about 60% more expensive than the shot of Cognac Croizet Cuvée Leonie 1858 sold in 2017.

A representative of the Guinness Book of World records was on hand at the pouring of the £10,014 shot of Rome de Bellegarde Cognac at the Hyde Kensington bar. Ranjeeta Dutt McGroarty, the founder of India’s Trinity Natural Gas was the lucky imbiber of the shot. According to news.com.au Ms. McGroarty remarked after finishing the world’s most expensive shot “Life is about trying new things and pushing boundaries.”

According to the South China Morning Post, the London-based M Restaurant Group is now selling the recording breaking Rome de Bellegarde by the bottle and by the shot. The price per shot is lower than the record breaking £10,014 40 milliliter shot sold at Hyde Kensington bar in London last year as part of a fund raising charity event.

The M Restaurant is selling smaller 10-milliliter Rome de Bellegarde shots for a more modest £2,514. A liter decanter will set you back £250,000. Zach Charilaou, M Restaurant director is confident that diners will be eager to try what is, for now, the world’s most expensive Cognac.

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About the House of Jean Filloux

The most expensive shot of Cognac in the world was produced by the House of Jean Filloux in 1894. Jean Filloux takes its name from the second generation of Cognac cellar masters named Jean Filloux (1885-1967). The Rome de Bellegarde Cognac was discovered by cellar master Pascal Fillioux in 2004 and has now been decanted into over five dozen French crystal bottles.

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