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Rappers’ Cognac Delight


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Cognac shares a long tradition with rap music and its artists.

Rap artist involvement with Cognac ranges from fans that enjoy the product and mention it in their lyrics, to rappers becoming brand ambassadors of Cognacs to ownership of Cognac Houses.


Kayne West is a huge fan of Hennessy Cognacs. It has been reported that he keeps a Hennessy and Coke machine backstage to quench his thirst at concerts.

In 2005’s track “Addiction”, Kayne dropped reference to Hennessy: “Roll up the doja, Henny and Coca-Cola then I’m coming over cause it’s never over”

Recently, in an interview discussing the release of his latest album “Jesus is King” Mr. West reflected on the influences in his life. “There was a time..I was letting you know what the Hennessy had done for me, but now I’m letting you what Jesus has done for me.”

2-Pac was also a lover of Hennessy. In the track “Hennessy”, 2-Pac gave homage to Hennessy:

“They wanna knows my role model, it’s in a brown bottle, Hennessy”

Brand Ambassadors

The following rappers have been brand ambassadors to Cognac Houses

Snoop Dogg acted as brand ambassador back in 2010 to Landy Cognacs.

A$AP Rocky became brand ambassador to Courvoisier in 2017

While a Cognac House’s affiliation with a famous rapper can be positive for the brand, Rémy Martin parted ways after just five months with its brand ambassador, rapper T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) due to a drug possession charge in 2010.

Cognac Owners/Producers

Jay-Z is co-owner with Barcardi of The House of Otard, makers of D’Usse Cognacs. Prior to becoming partners with Barcardi, Jay-Z had been brand ambassador for D’Usse Cognacs

For Jay-Z’s 50th birthday D’usse is releasing a rare $5,000 bottle of Cognac. D’Ussé 1969 Anniversaire will be issued in numbered bottles up to “50” and is crafted from 100% Champagne Cognac.


Ludacris (Chris Bridges) collaborates with Birkedal Hartmann to create Conjure Cognac.

50-Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) also produces a Grand Champagne Cognac in a joint venture with French liquor producer Branson Cognac.

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