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Courvoisier names A$AP Rocky as its brand ambassador


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Courvoisier A$AP Rocky

Courvoisier’s Honor Your Code Campaign To Feature Famous Rapper

If you don’t stand for something, you don’t stand a chance.

Courvoisier has teamed up with A$AP Rocky to promote its brand behind the tagline Honor your Code. A$AP will appear in print and media campaigns and on the company’s website promoting Courvoisier. According to a report in Billboard:

“Gary Ross, vice president of Beam Suntory World Spirits, says, ‘As a creator, A$AP Rocky embodies the progressive ideals and bold artistry on which Courvoisier was founded, making him an ideal partner for the brand.'”

A$AP Rocky remarked on his appointment: “I think your code is equivalent to your standards and your morals. It’s whatever you believe in. And you should always stand by and honour what you believe in. Courvoisier’s commitment to quality, old-school production methods, design and art speaks to me.”


Cognac Brand Ambassadors

A Cognac House’s brand ambassador has become an important marketing tool for many of the big name cognac producers. Sometimes the brand ambassadors are selected for their product expertise. Martell, for example, named Matthias Lataille, as brand ambassador for their company and Hine named Enguerrand Leonetti as their brand ambassador.

Other times, Cognac houses opt for a celebrity to be their brand ambassador. Earlier this year, the House of named Nigerian rapper Ice Price as its brand ambassador.

Cognac Taglines

Taglines are also important for marketing cognac. Courvoisier will now market its cognacs with the tagline “Honor Your Code”.

Other Cognac House tag lines:

Martell – Be Curious

Hennessy – Never Stop, Never Settle

Rémy Martin – Rooted in Exception.

About Courvoisier

Courvoisier is a cognac house founded in 1835 by Emile Courvoisier and is famous for its wide range of quality cognacs. The Courvoisier Château is located in Jarnac, France on the banks of the Charente River about ten miles east of Cognac. Courvoisier Cognac is said to have been the favorite drink of British novelist Charles Dickens.

Courvoisier produces a wide range of cognacs including, Courvoisier VS (very special) from Fins Bois and Petit Champagne grapes. Courvoisier also crafts Courvoisier V.S.O.P. (from eaux-de-vie from Petit and Grande Champagne), Courvoisier XO (from 11-25 year old eaux-de-vie) Courvoisier Triple Oak VSOP, Courvoisier VSOP. Exclusif (crafted specifically to be used as a mixer for cocktails), Courvoisier Napoleon Fine Champagne, Courvoisier 12 Year Old, Courvoisier 21 Year Old, Courvoisier Initiale Extra (from 30-50 year old eaux-de-vie from Borderies and Grande Champagne), Courvoisier Succession J.S., L’Essence de Courvoisier (from eaux-de-vie over 100 years old).

For more information on Courvoisier tours and to book a visit http://courvoisier.com/us/experience/tour

2 Place du Chateau |
Courvoisier S.A, 16200 Jarnac, France
Phone Number: +33 5 45 35 56 16


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