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Rémy Martin Cognac Pop Ups are Popping Up All Over


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Cognac Airport Pop-Up boutiques are a marketing device used by leading Cognac Houses. They are found in international airports across the globe. The goals of Cognac Airport Pop-Ups stretch beyond sales. Cognac Pop-Ups serve to provide travelers with exposure to the world of Cognac through a memorable tasting and buying experience that can lead to a life-long association with a particular Cognac House.

Sometimes Cognac Pop-Ups are temporary and established often simply to introduce a new Cognac, whereas others hold permanent positions.

A Cognac Pop-Up introduces well-heeled travelers to some of the world’s finest Cognacs during a time when Cognac Houses can hold travelers’ attentions while they are waiting for flights and perhaps enthrall them with their Cognacs.

Cognac Airport Pop-Ups provide travelers with an oasis from the often hectic airport waiting areas where travelers can unwind, explore Cognacs and purchase their Cognac duty-free.

Rémy Martin Gets in on the Act

Since launching its first Cognac Pop-Up at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Rémy Martin has looked to Asia for its most recent Cognac Pop-Up launches.

Remy Martin XO Excellence
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Here are some of the Rémy Martin Cognac Pop-Ups recently launched and currently in operation:

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Rémy Martin launched its first Cognac pop up in 2017 in partnership with Lagardère Travel Retail at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. The video below shows the lavish presentation of Rémy Martin Cognacs.

Hangzhou Airport, China

Rémy Martin also operates a temporary pop-up at Hangzhou airport in mainland China that launched earlier this week and will be open for six months. Travelers can have their Rémy XO Cognac bottles personalized and gift wrapped at the pop up.

Hong Kong International Airport

In April, Rémy Martin opened a Cognac Pop- Up at Hong Kong International Airport to showcase it premiere Cognac, LOUIS XIII.

Louis XIII Cognac
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Louis XIII Cognac Miniature
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