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Visit Martell While In Cognac


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A trip to Cognac would not be complete without a visit to at least one of the big four cognac houses – Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell or Courvoisier.

Visiting Martell

About Martel

Martell was founded in 1715, and is one of the oldest Cognac houses. Martell is owned by French conglomerate Pernod-Ricard.

Martell’s eaux-de-vie are aged in french oak from trees of the Tronçais style, with a fine grain that creates cognacs with lighter tannins and a delicate woody flavor. Martell also uses grapes for its eaux-de-vie from the exclusive and most prestigious Cognac appelations of Borderies, Petit Champagne and Grande Champagne.

Martell’s range of cognacs includes its traditional VS , Caractère, VSOP Medallion, Martell Assemblage Exclusif de 3 Millesimes, XO Cordon Blue created by Edouard Martell in 1912 with eaux-de-vie from the Petit Champagne, Grande Champagne and Borderies appellations, Martell XO, Creation Grande Extra and L’OR de Jean Martell, crafted from over 400 eaux- de-vie (some over 100 years old!)

Martell also produces limited edition cognacs (e.g. VSOP by Jason Wu) well as some of the most innovative cognacs in the industry (e.g. Cordon Blue Intense Heat and Blue Swift, a VSOP cognac finished in bourbon casks).

Martell’s headquarters are in Cognac, France, located in the center of town.

Visiting Martell

Martell offers a one hour and fifteen minute guided tour that originates at Martell’s Visitor Center and is designed to inform the visitor of how Martell crafts its cognacs. A tasting is also available at the end of the tour. The Martell gift shop is stocked with the full range of Martell cognacs.

For more information on Martell tours and to book a visit http://www.martell.com/en-us/visit-us

Avenue Paul Firino Martell
16100 Cognac
+33 (0)5 45 36 33 33
+33 (0)5 45 36 34 98
[email protected]


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