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Cognac France – A Town of Festivals


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La Fete du Cognac Festival

Cognac, France is a town not only known for its cognac, but also for several fun festivals.   As they say in New Orleans, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

La Fete du Cognac

The most important festival is La Fete du Cognac, which takes place in early/mid July.  Viticulturists, from houses both small and large, introduce their cognacs, and guests can revel in exciting cognac based drinks and a host of local food specialties including oysters, mussels, meats and cheeses.  Here is some helpful links and information to help you plan your visit:
Association Fête du Cognac  www.lafeteducognac.fr/
25 rue de Cagouillet
16100 Cognac
Telephone : 05 45 81 21 05
Mobile : 06 08 07 69 93
[email protected]

Another  festival is the European Books Festival, which takes place in November.  In 1988, it was created on the centenary of Jean Monnet’s birth in Cognac.  Jean Monnet is a famous son of the town; he was part of a family of cognac merchants and worked in the family business for years, but he is best known as an important economist and diplomat and regarded as the chief architect of European unity.  During this festival to promote European culture and literature, writers and journalists are invited to participate in round-tables and conferences and attendees are given the chance to dialogue with them about their writings and other European cultural subjects.  The aim is to explore the cultural wealth of the European heritage and bring together an audience with all the multiple cultural identities that make up Europe.
LITTERATURES EUROPEENNES COGNAC – 59, Rue Aristide Briand – 16100 Cognac –
tel: +33 (0)5 45 82 88 01 / fax : +33 (0)9 71 70 60 37
Email : [email protected]

The Blues Passions Festival, a yearly event started in 1993, takes place every summer in and around the town of Cognac, France.  Venues are both indoor, such as the Baron Otard castle, and in the parks and open spaces of this beautiful town.   Street musicians are also part of this lively festival.  Afro-American music is celebrated with artists coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and elsewhere to play and sing for the audiences pleasure.  The Cognac Passions prize is awarded each year to an artist from France for their creations and interpretations of the music.  The prize is sponsored by the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac).

For more information and tickets, go to http://www.bluespassions.com

Cognac Blues Passions

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