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Cognac is Made Mostly from Ugni Blanc Grapes


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HomeWhat is Cognac?Cognac is Made Mostly from Ugni Blanc Grapes

Cognac is made mostly from grapes called ugni blanc.   Ugni blanc gives us acidic wine that is low in alcohol – between 7.5 and 10.5%.  So this is used to only create cognac, not to drink it.  There are other varieties that are used named folle blanche and colombard.  But about 98% of cognac is ugni blanc.

Ugni Blanc Grapes
Ugni Blanc Grapes

From November to December, the grapevine lies dormant.  Around March, the vine begins its bud breaking.   By mid-May, the first leaves appear.  Mid-June marks about 100 days before the harvest.  Mid-August is 45 days before the harvest – the grapes are getting bigger.  They become translucent and they gorge with sugar.  And the harvest starts at the end of September or early October.

Ugni Grape Vineyard - Cognac France
Ugni Blanc Grape Vineyard – Cognac France









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