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Unlocking the Mystery of Kelt Cognac’s Ocean Maturation: Tour du Monde


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Cognac is a sophisticated and complex spirit that has been produced in the Cognac region of France for centuries. Many cognac producers claim to have unique methods for creating their products, but none are quite as intriguing as Kelt Cognac’s ocean maturation technique.

Kelt Cognac’s Ocean Maturation of Cognac, known as Tour du Monde, involves sending their Grande Champagne cognacs on a three-month sea voyage. Traditionally, spirits merchants shipped their cognacs in oak barrels, and it was discovered that the cognac developed significantly during a long sea voyage. However, with the age of branding, cognac started to be bottled at the source, which meant that the benefits of the sea voyage disappeared, as cognac does not mature once it is bottled.

Kelt Cognac’s Tour du Monde seeks to revive the traditional method of sending cognac on a sea voyage. The routes can vary, but most frequently, the cognacs are sent around the world. This voyage brings out the unique balance of flavors and aromas and produces the unmistakable roundness that is Kelt Ocean Maturation – Tour du Monde.

The secret as to why the cognac develops in such a remarkable way during a long sea voyage is unknown. Some speculate that the constant movement of the liquid caused by the rolling of the sea brings out the hidden qualities in the cognac. Others claim that it is the temperature and pressure variations that persuade the lining in the oak to part with its most delicate qualities. The theories are many, but the result is unanimous – the Tour du Monde – Ocean Maturation – renders Kelt Cognac of remarkable quality.

After the ocean maturation, Kelt Cognacs return to France for a period of rest in stone chais before they are bottled. This final stage of the maturation process allows the flavors and aromas to come together, creating a truly unique and exceptional cognac.

Kelt Cognac’s Ocean Maturation of Cognac, Tour du Monde, is truly something that makes their cognac special. The revived traditional method of sending cognac on a sea voyage produces a remarkable quality that is sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

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