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Rémy Cointreau Revenues Jump on Double Digit Sales Increase in Rémy Martin Cognac


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Remy Martin fine champagne

Rémy Martin Cognac Sales Drive Rémy Cointreau Revenues from April 2017- December 2017.

Rémy Cointreau, maker of Rémy Martin cognacs, recently announced its April 2017-December 2017 financial results. Overall, Rémy Cointreau’s organic revenues grew 4.7% from the prior year. The group’s top performing division was Rémy Martin cognacs that grew its revenues 11.5% year over year.

Rémy Martin Cognac sales grew 13.2% in the Asian Pacific region, the largest area of geographic growth from April 2017 – December 2017 for the company. Asian Pacific Cognac customers favor longer-aged cognacs like V.S.O.P and X.O. cognacs and premium brands like Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac over younger aged V.S. cognacs. This dynamic helps boost Rémy Martin sales as it focuses exclusively on producing Champagne Cognacs from grapes produced either from the Petite Champagne of Grande Champagne growing crus. As such, Rémy Martin’s positions the bulk of its eaux-de-vie towards longer aged products like V.S.O.P. and XO cognacs. Rémy Martin does, however, produce a Petite Champagne V.S. in limited quantities.

According to the BNIC, X.O. cognacs amounted to approximately 31% of the value of all Cognac shipments in 2017. V.S.O.P. and V.S. sales accounted for 34% and 35%, respectively, of the remainder of Cognac Sales in 2016. About 60-65% of global X.O. shipments are to the Asian Pacific region.

Rémy Martin Promotions in 2017

During the period of April 2017- December 2017, Rémy Martin announced the openings of two new pop-up Rémy Martin Houses in October — one in Moscow and the other in Shanghai. The company also launched its “100 Years” Louis XIII campaign featuring a song written and performed by Pharell Williams during the April 2017 – December 2017 period.

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