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Cognac Barrel Making

Barrel making is an integral part of the Cognac making process. In the video “Cognac & Wine Barrel Making at Tonnellerie Sansaud Cooperage Near Cognac France”, you’ll learn the unique processes that coopers employ to make barrels for Cognac.

Learn more about The Importance of Oak Barrels in Crafting Cognac.

Each Cognac House is often filled with a rich history and many are open to the public. Cognac.com visited a few of them to learn about their legacies, methods, and varieties of product. Here are our exclusive videos documenting our tours of some of the great Cognac Houses.

Bache Gabrielsen Cognac

In the video “Bache Gabrielsen Cognac Exclusive Tour & Interview”, you will learn of Bache Gabrielsen’s Nordic roots, its clever way of surviving U.S. prohibition and its range of quality Cognacs.

Learn more about Bache Gabrielsen, its history and its Cognacs.

Courvoisier Cognac

The House of Courvoisier is famous for its Napoleon silhouette that adorns its Cognac bottles. In “Courvoisier Reveals Their History, Cellars, Process and Napoleon’s Taste for Cognac”, you’ll learn the origin of the Napoleonic connection to Courvoisier and more.

Learn more about Courvoisier, its history and its Cognacs.

Delamain Cognac

Founded in 1824, family owned Delamain is one of the oldest Cognac Houses. In “Delamain Cognac’s Managing Director, Charles Braastad, Speaks of Their Heritage & Process”, we get a history lesson and learn about “Grand Champagne Cognac”, the only style of Cognac that Delamain produces.

Learn more about Delamain, its history and its Cognacs.

Frapin Cognac

The Frapin family can trace its origins as wine growers back to 1270 and have been distilling wines for 20 generations. In “Patrice Piveteau, Frapin Cognac Cellar Master, Discusses the Frapin Process”, we learn not only about the Cognac making process but of the unique Frapin family tree.

Learn more about Frapin, its history and its Cognacs.

Hine Cognac

The House of Hine dates back to 1763. Watch “Hine Cognac Reveals their Cellars, History, and Process” and learn of their special method for certifying their vintage Cognacs with the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac or “BNIC”.

Learn more about Hine, its history and its Cognacs.

Martell Cognac

Watch “Caroline Ricard of Martell Cognac Discusses Their Brand and History” for a brief overview of the House of Martell.

Learn more about Martell, its history and its Cognacs.

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