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Larsen Celebrates 70 Years of Iconic Viking Ship Bottle with Limited Edition Cognac Enhanced with 24-Carat Gold


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Nicola Carruthers writing in The Spirits Business has written that Cognac brand Larsen is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its Viking ship-shaped bottle with the release of a limited edition expression adorned with 24-carat gold. The Anora Group-owned brand has sold nearly 100,000 limited edition bottles since the Drakkar Viking ship-shaped bottle was first released in 1952.

The bottle is a symbol of the Nordic heritage of the brand’s founder, Jens Reidar Larsen, and represents his love for exploration and adventure. Over the years, the bottle has become the most emblematic bottle in the world of Cognac, and it has been redesigned in celebration of various events linked to the Larsen house and the Larsen collectors’ club.

To mark the 70th anniversary, Larsen collaborated with Chinese artist Chuan Jia on the design of a new Cognac, called Boundless Harmony. The limited edition design is limited to only 300 bottles and is enhanced with 24-carat gold.

Jia, the artist, drew inspiration from the unique shape of the bottle, which he believed represented an ever-changing ocean and an ever-flowing universe. He used abstract shapes to depict swimmers, sea creatures, and elements tied to the enjoyment of Cognac, such as glasses and barrels, to embody the harmonious movement and exchanges between the sea and the sky.

The bottle contains a blend of eaux-de-vies of two crus, Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne, resulting in fruit aromas and a floral bouquet. David Croizet, master blender of Larsen, said that the Cognac is “a blend of a selection of very old Cognacs exclusively from Grande and Petite Champagne crus from the Paradis Larsen cellar in the fruity style of the house.”

Croizet also explained that the creation of the anniversary edition was inspired by the bottle’s combination of French Limoges porcelain craftsmanship with the artistic expression of Chuan Jia.

Boundless Harmony (40% ABV) will be available in select markets in 2023, including one unique piece that will be auctioned at a charity event in China. Cognac lovers can expect an unparalleled experience when tasting this special edition, with its unique blend of Cognacs and a bottle that represents the adventurous spirit of the brand’s founder.

The release of the limited edition Boundless Harmony marks a significant milestone for Larsen Cognac. With its innovative design and superior blend of eaux-de-vies, the cognac is set to impress collectors and cognac enthusiasts alike. The collaboration with Chuan Jia and the addition of 24-carat gold highlights the brand’s commitment to excellence and creativity. We can only imagine what Larsen Cognac has in store for us in the future.

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