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Tag: How is Cognac Made?

Spiders are Prized in Cognac Cellars

When you visit the cognac cellars in France you notice that spider webs are often everywhere.  We have been told by a few cognac houses...

Stage 10: The Brands

We are told there are over 500 different Cognac brands!  Whoa!  That is a ton of tasting for sure.  Count us in at Cognac.com...

Stage 14: The People

Those involved with the production and marketing of Cognac are some of the most interesting people we have met. 

Bache Gabrielsen Fermentation Tanks Before Distillation of Cognac Eaux-de-Vie

Bache Gabrielsen's facility has several larger stainless steel fermentation tanks that are used to ferment the harvested grapes before distillation.   The grapes are pressed...

The Importance of Oak Barrels in Crafting Cognac

Cognac Oak A cognac master blender has to mix a variety of eaux-de-vie that he thinks will best age together in oak barrels to make...

Stage 05: Eau-de-Vie

Eau-d-vie means literally "water of life" and is a term that is used to refer to any distilled fruit.  The eau-de-vie (or eaux-de-vie plural) is clear...