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Things To Do in the Town of Cognac France – Visit a Distillery


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Welcome to Camus CognacBoth large and small “maisons” are located in Cognac, France  for your viewing and tasting pleasure.   Typically they are open for guests during the late spring to early fall.  Plan on about two hours per house and maybe longer if you really want to soak up the scenery and take your time.  You can either make your own arrangements or take advantage of a tasting tour or guide.  Unlike touring California wineries where you can usually just show up, it is advisable to make a reservation prior to arrival.  Some of the larger and well respected “maisons” that have tours on a regular basis include.  In no particular order we suggest these tours if you want to stay only in the city limits of Cognac France:

Camus – Create your own Cognac blend of Cognac on this tour.  www.camus.fr

Hennessy – This tour includes a boat ride across the river.  www.hennessy.com

Martell – One of the oldest of the Cognac houses, founded in 1715.  www.martell.com

Baron Otard Tour includes a look at the castle home of French King, Francois I www.otard.com

Remy Martin – Started in 1724 www.remymartin.com

Meukow –  Fantastic tour and they just launched a beautiful new restaurant as well www.meukowcognac.com

It is highly recommended that you book your visits in advance.  There are typically various tour options depending on which tasting you choose.  The basic tour ranges in price from 3 to 25 Euros with 8 Euros being the norm.  Some of the more expensive tastings may be worth it, not only for the higher graded cognac, but for access to additional rooms such as the Paradis.  Some houses even offer special luncheon or gourmet dinner bookings or even coordinated chocolate tastings for a higher fee.

hennessy-tour-signWhile the large producers offer excellent tours, you may also want to visit one of the many excellent small local cognac producers.  Many do speak English and you will get a very personal experience on a different scale than the large houses.  The tourist office in the town will have a booklet which is a detailed listing of those houses offering tours – it is called “Les Bonness Adresses du Cognac.”

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